Fantasy Cancels.
The items on this page were offered on eBay (December 2000) as valuable postal history items from French Expeditionary Forces in Indo-china 1938 with forged cancels of the "important Naval Base of Hue in the region of Annam [in] the center part of the country".

Fantasy Cancel Fantasy Cancel
Fantasy Cancel Fantasy Cancel Fantasy Cancel Fantasy Cancel

The 'cancels' shown are not forgeries, they are fantasies. They are not forgeries of real markings because there were no such markings in that time period. Fantasies can have any form the manufacturer wants to create. There are many forgeries of stamps and markings that are valuable because of their historical significance, but fantasies rarely have such value.

Genuine framed "CORPS EXPEDITIONNAIRE DU TONKIN" and "Corr. des Armees" markings were from the 1883-1904 campaign. In trying to make his items look genuine, the creator was off by a half century!

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