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ICP on DVD, 2015 (sixth) Edition Now Available (Richard K. Aspnes)

The 2015 edition is now available and can be purchased from the Executive Secretary. (Ron Bentley, 2600 North 24th Street, Arlingon, VA 22207 or by E-mail: This edition includes ICP issues whole numbers 1 (1971) through 200 (2015), supplements 1 through 5, and several early special society publications. The edition includes the indexes "Author and KeyWord Index 1971 2009" by Kenneth R. Thompson, and "Twentieth Century Subject Index 1971-1999" by Director Andrew Crenshaw. Each of these indexes is hyperlinked from the index entry to the specific ICP referenced.

Additionally, this edition, comprising in total 245 files, and 5250 pages, is word indexed. Searching the whole word index uses the inherent functionally of Adobe® Acrobat Reader. Each ICP has included extended metadata, edition identification and table of contents, that enhances the use of the word index.

The cost of the ICP Archive is $55.00 for addresses in the US and $60.00 for foreign addresses.

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The Indo-china Philatelist is sent electronically in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format to members who have requested to receive it in this format. The electronic format has full-color images and it arrives the moment Ron Bentley has finished compiling it. If you'd like to receive your issue via e-mail or as a download from the web, contact Ron Bentley to let him know.

Issue 223 includes the following articles:
  • Origine Rurale Marking (1865)
  • Editor/ Executive Secretary’s Report (1867)
  • Officers and Directors Solicit Projects (1867)
  • SICP Annual Meeting – NY 2016 (1867)
  • President’s Message - 2016 (1869)
  • Recent Auction Results (1870)
  • Fraud Alert (1871)
  • Fake Cover in Auction (1872)
  • First Day Booklet for First Vietnamese Set (1873)
  • Letter from 1946 Bears Witness to Political Change in North Vietnam (1875)
  • Vietnamese Commemorative Cover Artist (1877)
  • Early Cover from Indochina to Japan (1878)
  • Broken “2” Variety of 2 Piaster Postage Due (1881)
  • Garnier’s Last Letter? (1882)
  • An Attempt at a Global Inventory of All LK V Stamps (1884)
  • Judging by The Cover (1887)

Printable International Control Commission Album Pages

The printable album contains pages for the stamps issued by India for use by the ICC members in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia Stamps. The pages fit to A4 paper size so you can print them in your home printer and mount your stamps.
Note: when printing the pages, please choose "none" under "Page Scaling" in your printer instructions (Otherwise, the stamp frames would shrink).

ICC2015.pdf (Updated Jan 30, 2015) by Eli Moallem

Printable National Liberation Front (Vietcong) Stamp Album Pages

The printable album contains pages for all the stamps issued for the Vietcong forces in South Vietnam during 1963-1976. The pages are fully illustrated by high resolution images and include spaces for the stamps. The album contains short introduction and each stamp is accompanied by a short description. The pages fit to A4 paper size so you can print them in your home printer and mount your stamps.
Note: when printing the pages, please choose "none" under "Page Scaling" in your printer instructions (Otherwise, the stamp frames would shrink).

Note:I have created a centered version of the album PDF for storing in document protectors that I can send to collectors need to use this version.

Vietcong_Album_June_2015.pdf by Eli Moallem

40th SICP anniversary pin.

In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Society’s founding, a membership pin is being made available for purchase. Please see all of the information for the 40th SICP anniversary pin.

Author & Keyword/Title Index - 1971-2009

Author & Keyword/Title Index - 1971-2009

South Vietnam at War 1952 - 1956 (2009 NAPEX Presentation)

South Vietnam at War 1952 - 1956 (4 MB, PDF format).

Kingdom of Laos Stamps Album Exhibition

In the Exhibits section, E. Moallem exhibits his Kingdom of Laos stamps album. The exhibition depicts a complete collection of the stamps and souvenir sheets issued by the Kingdom of Laos from 1951 to 1975 with thematic descriptions emphasize on Lao culture, tradition and history.

SICP Revenue Catalog Garners Award

The Society's Indo-china Revenue Stamp Catalog (second edition) received a vermeil award in the literature exhibit at NAPEX in June 2008. With 40 publications competing, NAPEX now has the third largest literature competition in the United States. The award breakdown was as follows: 1 Grand Prize gold, 15 gold, 11 vermeil, 8 silver, 1 silver-bronze and 5 non-competitive.
Please read a little more on the catalog.

March 2008 Supplement to the ICP.


Distributed with the March 2008 ICP is a special supplement prepared by Joel Montague. The document is a translation of a portion of a comprehensive work by J. de Galembert, "Administrator First Class of the Civil Services in Indochina" ,on public administration covering the French Indochinese postal service up to the year 1924. The text is complemented with a selection of postcards from Joel's extensive collection.

Comprehensive CD-ROM Available

Thanks to President Richard Aspnes, a comprehensive CD-ROM is available to SICP members with a complete run of SICP print publications. In total, the collection comprises over 4,650 pages, being ICP whole number 1 through 199, years 1971 through 2011 inclusive. Included on the CD are all the indexes published during that period, as well as the two comprehensive indexes prepared by Andrew Crenshaw, and Ken Thompson. These two indexes are hyper-linked to the specific ICP, so navigation from index to specific publication is easy.

Each document is stored in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) in a black and white resolution of 600 dpi. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) was automatically performed on each scanned document, and all are completely word and phrase searchable, either individually, or globally.

To obtain your copy of the CD-ROM, please send $50.00 plus postage ($3.00 domestic or $5.00 foreign) to:

Ron Bentley - Editor / Executive Secretary
2600 North 24th Street
Arlingon, VA 22207


ICP Garners Award

At the literature competition held in connection with the American Philatelic Society's StampShow in Columbus, Ohio on 7-10 August, The Indo-China Philatelist was awarded a "vermeil." A total of 28 journals were in the "periodicals" competition. The distribution of awards in the "Periodicals" Category was as follows: 1 Best in Class, 3 gold, 9 vermeil, 8 silver, and 4 silver-bronze. Three periodicals were not in competition. See the award.

Other News

A Yahoo! Group has been established for SICP members. You can chat with other collectors at the site, post your want list, share images of items in your collection, etc. Visit the group here. Please use it to post comments, ideas, questions, stamp finds, news, etc.

Click Here for membership information and to order a sample copy of the journal.

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